For Band Managers & Agents

Scout and manage talented musicians and bands. Secure paid events and gigs.


Scout, connect and manage talented musicians in your area or country. With ImTunedIn’s PowerSearch feature you can:

  • Scout the right musicians and bands to represent.
  • Look for live music performances to attend to scout talents.
  • Review musician and band profile or EPKs which includes:
    • An 'About Me' Section
    • Photos
    • Videos (linked to YouTube and Vimeo)
    • Music (linked to SoundCloud)
    • Clients Section
    • Experience Section
    • Genre Section


BandFinder enables potential event planners, individuals and corporate businesses to look for bands for their events. When a client submits an enquiry through BandFinder, the manager or agent of the band will be notified through BandManager, with which,

  • The managers or agent have the opportunity to respond to client inquiries directly on a central platform; no more searching for emails to respond to multiple clients.
  • The managers or agent can quote a client with our state-of-the-art booking engine that takes care of, in three steps, the complicated process of creating quotations, invoices and tech riders that the client requires.
  • The managers or agent can chat with the client with our built-in chat module.
  • Payments are securely accepted, tracked and communicated; no more waiting for months for client payments or worst of all, no payment!
  • What you quote for is what you will be paid; ImTunedIn does not take a commission from the musicians, managers or agents.
  • Payment will be made even if the clients cancels a confirmed event by deposit within a month of the event date.

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