For Musicians & Bands

Find and meet musicians. Organize rehearsals. Secure paid events and gigs.


ImTunedIn is a musicians' platform that makes it easy for musicians to connect to communities on a local and international scale; an arena for musicians to showcase their talents for potential clients who are looking to hire for musicians for their events. The platform will allow you to:

  • Build, print and share electronic press kits for individual musicians and for bands that includes:
    • An 'About Me' Section
    • Photos
    • Videos (linked to YouTube and Vimeo)
    • Music (linked to SoundCloud)
    • Clients Section
    • Experience Section
    • Genre Section
  • Add your musician friends.
  • Add band mates to your bands, where you can chat and share your band calendar on both desktop and mobile.
  • Appoint your band member or your agent to be the manager of the band so that they can take care of client enquiries and general upkeep of your band page.


Find and connect with other musicians in your area or country. With ImTunedIn’s PowerSearch feature, you can:

  • Find the right musicians to form a band (or to stand-in for a performance).
  • Look for music instructors.
  • Look for gigs to attend near you.


BandCal is available on the desktop as well as on mobile through the App Store and Playstore. It allows musicians to:

  • Add and organize performances, rehearsals and lessons to a calendar that is created with the musician in mind.
  • Create alerts for your band members, share set lists, sound-check time and set times.
  • Chat with your band mates .
  • BandHelp allows you to find out the best time your band mates can rehearse or if your band mate is available for an event.


BandFinder automatically lists bands created on ImTunedIn on our state-of-the-art booking engine at no cost to the band. It enables potential event planners, individuals and corporate businesses to look for bands for their events. When a client submits an enquiry through BandFinder, the manager or agent of the band will be notified through BandManager. With BandManager,

  • The managers or agent have the opportunity to respond to client inquiries directly on a central platform; no more searching for emails to respond to multiple clients.
  • The managers or agent can quote a client with our state-of-the-art booking engine that takes care of, in three steps, the complicated process of creating quotations, invoices and tech riders that the client requires.
  • The managers or agent can chat with the client with our built-in chat module.
  • Payments are securely accepted, tracked and communicated; no more waiting for months for client payments or worst of all, no payment!
  • What you quote for is what you will be paid; ImTunedIn does not take a commission from the musicians.
  • Bands will get paid if the clients cancels a confirmed event by deposit within a month of the event date.

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